Still Breathing

by Slurred Terms



released December 7, 2011



all rights reserved


Slurred Terms Knox, Indiana

My name is Ethan. Most people remember me through William Bonney and some through my other band Bedrooms. These are my splits with friends around the U.S and hopefully soon the world.

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Track Name: Sink In Thoughts
Slowly shutting eyes always seem to have late nights. I can’t keep track of time; lose myself within this skull of mine. Take in words that don’t mean a thing, don’t teach me that I need to breath. I can live on my own just fine. All my worried bones, stay in tack when I keep things close. I’ll lose them from the start, watch kids laugh as I fall apart. Sew me shut, I’m all worn out. Make your jokes, I hate this town. You can drink and crash your car, I’ll be fine. Fuck these Friday nights, fade away in the half moonlight, say the words you’ll never say, highschool feelings are all the same.
Autumn sucks, don’t call and judge, no hard feelings you hate my guts. Level with me, I’m not cool. Live life with drugs, god’s just a tool. No one cares, you’re way too much. Lay back down and don’t wake up.
It’s another day to me, I’ll be fine. Single shots, old blood stains, lifeless mess, you’re still the same. High school kids are still the same.
Track Name: Billboard Games
Keeping songs in his notebook, he swore he told his friends all the good news that would cause their pain to end. Feeling safe for the first time, his smile grew so big. till his fate found him, and told his soul to dig and dig.
I felt the lifeless breath of a sad kid, I held him dear, propped his head high, told him there’s nothing left to fear. Parents proud, tell him to stay in school. Locked himself up, never came outside his room. The yelling inside his head, kept him up a night. Finally killed those thoughts and walked back to the light.
Track Name: Level Me
Stab me, I’m leaving. I’m tired of you pretending. My friend, my old home, I want to be lost into the unknown. You’ll forget me, they all do. Spend one week then you’ll be all through. My insides will be scattered around, just one more restless night in this town. 19 and no faith, I never stick around in the same place. I gave up chance and existence, to walk alone a path of resistance. My chest wears thin, my eyes grow sore, the vultures pick at my heart you’ve tore. You told me I couldn’t last on my own, but at least we’re the same, we’re both alone.
I’ve spent my days wrapping rope where my tire swing hangs, it’s the tallest tree, so I know that I’ll be seen.
Track Name: Cursive
Depressing times, talking about my life. What have I done, to keep myself alive? Burned down bridges from some friends, still get lost inside dead ends. Try to keep my head strong in these heartbreak conversations. I’m not strong as you anymore, I’m worthless at best. Every time I break down, I’m just another fucking mess. Stay with me a little longer, let myself catch up. I want to be with you forever, having you is just enough. Writing down some words, from memories we made. I couldn’t ask for better, endless car rides in the state. Hold my hand, show me that you’re mine, Hold my hand, tell me everything will be fine.

It will be fine.
Track Name: Stocking Caps
I’ve had voices in my head since I turned 18, I could never understand what the hell was wrong with me. Bloodshot eyes from restless nights seem to haunt my days, wasting in fear from the one who lives underneath our feet. He’s followed me all my life, knowing I’ll give in. I never sleep in peace, always drown within my sin. Hold my breath to past the time, no one really cares. Watching my life grow in denial while I cast away my tears. Lie and lie to keep your faith, let the others fade away. I told myself the same thing but I he got closer every day. He’d say, "follow me underground, give your soul to me. Waste away for the ones you love, let them breathe. You’re not worth it anymore, let yourself and your friends go. There’s no second chance for you, I’m the devil."
Track Name: Done Breathing
My friends abandon me when I was just 13. I grew up on my own, like I really had a home. All my things laid across my bed, run through the dreams inside my head. I don’t know where I will go; I gave up on fucking hope. Maybe one day I’ll return, find those notes that I have burned. Carve my name in my old tree, let go of all my favorite things. Dig a grave and call it home, learn to breathe that’s all I know. Feelings are for kids, I grew up I don’t need this. I’ll share your faith it’s all joke, all my slurred terms make me choke. I guess I’m another guy that will grow up and slowly die. But when I hear death come, I’ll smile and shake his hand. He’ll be my true bestfriend. The words that will come within, will full me with all of his sin.