by Slurred Terms



Songs about life as a high schooler years ago


released February 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Slurred Terms Knox, Indiana

My name is Ethan. Most people remember me through William Bonney and some through my other band Bedrooms. These are my splits with friends around the U.S and hopefully soon the world.

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Track Name: Intro
I guess I've lost myself again, deleted numbers of some friends, I wonder where they could of went, I wonder will I make it back to them. Can you help me? Can you make me something again, or break my bones and let me know I’m another useless best friend.
Track Name: Broken Skull
Just sit back, take in the sun. This winter has numbed up my lungs. These hands, built to grasp, can’t count on me and you to last. Maybe in June, when we warmer, I’d give my life to bring back last summer. Your laugh, the things I like most, one day I’ll find my way to the coast. All my letters, these toothpicks and cards, won’t amount when we've both forgot. Please keep sane, I’ll close my eyes, while the nails fall loose inside my mind.
Track Name: Hazy View
Can I be just a little bit angry; think of thoughts you don’t want me too. I'll tell you one if you want to know, I’m gonna bury you. Somewhere deep inside my head, there’s a place I’ll never go. I hope your thinking keeps you sad and this emptiness keeps you cold. Maybe it won’t be that bad. You can keep all your best friends, or lock yourself in your room and overdose again and again.
Track Name: Diaphragm
I remember listening to the same songs; I think it's a week now since you've been gone. Do you regret not looking back, or was all that attention getting to your head. Breathe in, breathe out. I remember thinking of someone else, the last night at your house. Maybe you could read my mind, or you've wanted to leave me and rewind.
Track Name: Hurt Yourself
I use to sleep with my lights on, I use to wish, that you were gone. I use to breathe but I forgot. I use to think, I guess my times run out.
I locked myself inside your basement; you’re so hard to fucking think with. I just need a couple minutes, to find your dads guns, just let me end this
I use to stare at the weird kids, I use to care about what I did, I use to kiss you all the time, I use to miss you but I’m doing fine.
Track Name: Out
I’ll down another one I guess for my exs and close friends. This is to you, wherever you went; when I get sent off I won’t forget. I’ll down another one again; I’ll pick apart myself for this. Feeling lifeless and motionless I guess this is how it’ll end.